At EFA, we offer conservative treatment and minimally invasive techniques for your painful contracted toes.

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Toe Contracture Q & A

What is a Toe contracture?

Toe contracture also known as hammer toe, appears in the shape of a hammer. An imbalance of the tendons, results in an abnormal bending of the toe. This deformity can be painful during gait and when wearing shoes.

What causes toes to contract?

There are various reasons that cause contracted toes or hammer toes:

  • Bunion deformity
  • Anatomic reasons
  • Tendon imbalance
  • Poor biomechanics
  • Injury to ligaments
  • Stroke or central nervous system pathologies

When to seek help for contracted toes?

You should seek help when symptoms are affecting your functionality, causing pain, callus wounds, and for cosmetic reasons.

What are my treatment options?

Conservative treatment options include:

  • Wider shoes
  • Padding
  • Taping

Surgical Treatment options include:

  • Fusion of the joint
  • Implants to maintain a straight toe
  • Repair/Release of ligaments
  • Tendon release or transfers

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